Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mister Moolah

The following is a poem I wrote for my ninth grade Humanities class. The assignment was to write a poem with either Romantic or Victorian values.

Mister Moolah

Here Mister Moolah sits in his office
Takes into account all that he profits
Looks around the room with satisfaction
All but business is a mere distraction
He can’t wait for next business transaction

Business is done, now time for the luncheon
So many people waiting to meet him
Pretending that money is not what they want
May be too bold to say that what they want
Is really a broader top hat to flaunt

Sir Moolah receives news from his sweatshop
The flames have consumed all that he has got
News spreads quickly of the mess he is in
The following day brings in the weekend
Surprised to find no friends at his luncheon

Now this man sits outside of this office
Attempting to earn some of a profit
Business transaction now more of a chore
This time occurring right outside his door
Now saying “ Please Sir, can you give me more?”
- James A. Sheehan


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