Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lifeguard:: Teenage Dream Job

This is the first summer I have lifeguarded. And let me tell you, a good part of my time as being a lifeguard consists of no-work-with-pay. Summer is a season of rain and thunderstorms, and when it rains no patrons come to the pool, but lifeguards do. Do you know what we do when it rains? We play Palace (the universal Twin River pool card game), we watch movies on a TV in which a supervisor or lifeguard supplies, we read, we eat, we play in the pool, and have fun. . . while getting paid! So for all you teenagers who enjoy doing nothing, and would like to make income while doing nothing, pick up an application at your local pool.

Post Scriptum : Lifeguarding also requires you to be able to save lives, occasionally mop the bathroom, and empty the garbage.


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