Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Coca-Cola now proven to assist doctors and nurses while they deliver a baby. [picture taken at the Outer Banks Hospital in North Carolina.] Posted by Picasa

While most kids play with transformers, barbies, and power rangers; James Sheehan is praying with his Jesus action figure. This model shown "with poseable arms & gliding action!" Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pretty amazing view from the top of Cape Hatteras Light House in North Carolina. Posted by Picasa

Me and the Chief at a liquidating Chirstmas Shop in Outer Banks, North Carolina. Posted by Picasa

Dan and I sit down for a homemade colonial breakfast cooked by us. Posted by Picasa

Lifeguard:: Teenage Dream Job

This is the first summer I have lifeguarded. And let me tell you, a good part of my time as being a lifeguard consists of no-work-with-pay. Summer is a season of rain and thunderstorms, and when it rains no patrons come to the pool, but lifeguards do. Do you know what we do when it rains? We play Palace (the universal Twin River pool card game), we watch movies on a TV in which a supervisor or lifeguard supplies, we read, we eat, we play in the pool, and have fun. . . while getting paid! So for all you teenagers who enjoy doing nothing, and would like to make income while doing nothing, pick up an application at your local pool.

Post Scriptum : Lifeguarding also requires you to be able to save lives, occasionally mop the bathroom, and empty the garbage.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Coming Soon

The story of a liquidating Christmas Shop in North Carolina and two girls from New York.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mister Moolah

The following is a poem I wrote for my ninth grade Humanities class. The assignment was to write a poem with either Romantic or Victorian values.

Mister Moolah

Here Mister Moolah sits in his office
Takes into account all that he profits
Looks around the room with satisfaction
All but business is a mere distraction
He can’t wait for next business transaction

Business is done, now time for the luncheon
So many people waiting to meet him
Pretending that money is not what they want
May be too bold to say that what they want
Is really a broader top hat to flaunt

Sir Moolah receives news from his sweatshop
The flames have consumed all that he has got
News spreads quickly of the mess he is in
The following day brings in the weekend
Surprised to find no friends at his luncheon

Now this man sits outside of this office
Attempting to earn some of a profit
Business transaction now more of a chore
This time occurring right outside his door
Now saying “ Please Sir, can you give me more?”
- James A. Sheehan

My Unintended Entrance into the Blogosphere

I never really intended to become a blogger, it was a pretty spontaneous action on my part. I sat down at the computer intending to find my boss's brother on Google, who he claims to have high ranks in the military. I efforts to find this marine proved hopeless. So, I started to fool around and I clicked for more Google Tools and I found Google Blogger or something like that. And the rest is recent history.